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Come and meet our friendly staff

Our staff here at Mountain View Pet Retreat are crazy about animals and really do love that they get to spend their days around animals of all shapes and sizes.

Each of our staff members are passionate about what they do and their focus here is to give your pet the best holiday away from home, while you are away enjoying a holiday of your own.

Nothing says I love you more then giving them a great place to relax and have fun! 

Our friendly staff from left to right: Julie, Kym, Susan and Emilie who will be caring for your pets.

About our staff members

Here at Mountain View Pet Retreat we are a family owned and run business. Working together as a unit to provide the best service available, where your pets get to come and enjoy a holiday away from home.

Our friendly and energetic staff would like you to know a little bit about themselves, so you know who are going to be looking after your loved ones.

Julie: Married to Lee. I love gardening, animals, camping and fishing. Anything to do with animals and outdoors together and I am one happy lady.

Lee: Loves living on our beautiful 63 acre property which also our business resides on. He also loves the outdoors and animals. Although he may be a better fisherman then me.

Em: Anything to do with dogs! She is a crazy dog person, with an extra soft spot for dachshunds.

Susan: Very in tune with nature. Loves to be outdoors, camping, gardening and playing around in our huge yards with your furry friends.

Kym: A very outdoors man that loves getting out in nature. Loves all kinds of animals and enjoys that he can work beside his partner. That's why they are a great couple.