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Deluxe Suites

Deluxe Suites - $58 per day for 1 guest

Discounted price for extra siblings

If you want to put your pet in the very best of accommodation then our deluxe suites are just what you are looking for. These suites will guarantee that your fury friend gets a luxurious home away from home and enjoys all the luxuries they would usually be accustomed too.

Our deluxe suites are all inside kennels that have an outdoor run yard for your pets to run around and have a play.

The deluxe kennels come with:

  • 22 inch tv with a built in DVD player

  • 800x1200 specially made bed

  • Red velvet lounge

  • Outdoor run yard

  • Plenty of room to laze around and enjoy their time with us.

    We encourage you to bring their coat for the cooler months. Please be sure to clearly mark all items with your pets full name, we will do our very best to make sure these items are not misplaced. However it is at your risk if these items do come along for the stay.

    All of our kennels are fully secured to ensure the highest safety of each pet staying on the retreat. Here at Mountain View Pet Retreat all dogs are housed individually, however if you have more then one pet which you would like to house together we can arrange this for you.

    All kennels are cleaned daily to ensure the best comfort for your pet. We also house a large fenced outdoor area where your pets can run around and enjoy others company.

    *Conditions: Pets must be familiar with indoor living and house trained i.e. toilet outside. Any permanent damage to the furniture in the suites by the Pet must be paid for by the owner.